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Friday, July 29, 2016

P.J. Hoerr Quarterly Safety Meeting | Ladder Safety - Washington, IL

On July 28th PJ Hoerr/Summit Masonry held their quarterly safety meeting at Five Points Washington.  Lindy's Market catered the meal.  CEO Bob Hoerr welcomed everyone and urged all to continue their prayers of support for company Vice-President Paul Bright as he faces his upcoming surgery.  He then introduced company Safety Director Hans Hinrichsen who gave an overview of the companies' safety performance numbers year to date.  Hans also gave a follow-up update on some clarifications to the new OSHA confined space requirements that he had presented at the last meeting.  Brett Stimpson from WERNCO was then introduced who gave a presentation on proper jobsite ladder usage and safety.  Superintendent safety hour awards were then presented by Hans and Bob.  Bob closed the meeting by first recounting two separate ladder accident incidents that had occurred on construction projects at his homes resulting in serious injuries.  He urged everyone to not take the seemingly simple task of ladder usage for granted.  He then elaborated on the Biblical parable of sowing and reaping in reminding everyone of the potential short and long term consequences of the life and work decisions we make each day.  He told the story of a doctor who back in 1933 had allowed a black widow spider to bite him in order to learn more about the treatment options for such a bite.  Given the documented knowledge of the severe pain and other symptoms the doctor endured from the bite Bob asked if anyone today would be crazy enough to purposely allow a black widow spider to bite them.  As the listeners shook their heads Bob reminded everyone that people allow it to happen figuratively every day in their personal, spiritual and work lives with the painful decisions that they make.  He then focused specifically on the potentially life-altering safety decisions that are made each day on our jobsites.  He urged everyone to be aware of black widow spider bite potentials on their jobsites each day.  Bob closed the meeting with his traditional send-off ......"Thanks for coming everyone.  Be safe out there and God bless!"

Thursday, July 28, 2016

P.J. Hoerr & Summit Masonry Weekly Toolbox Talk | Masonry Safety 2016

OSF HealthCare - Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center - Peoria, IL

PAST PERFORMANCE - Construction is now completed on the third and fourth floors of the building. This $12 million project transforms the floors into a shared working environment for several OSF HealthCare Departments. Project Manager - Mike Kreutz | Project Superintendent - Rob Mullens