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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Crawford Murphy & Tilly, Inc. | Renovation - Peoria, IL

This project involves a complete demo and renovation of the existing 2nd floor office space. There is also some tuck pointing being done to an exterior brick wall.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Buehler Home Florence Avenue Apartment Addition - Peoria, IL

The Buehler Home Florence Avenue Apartment Addition project is a four-story independent living addition to the existing Buehler Home facility. The footprint of the addition is 8,560 sq. ft. with an overall size of 30,435 sq. ft. The addition includes a 17-space ground level parking garage, a total of 10 apartments on the second and third floors and a fourth floor kitchen with an inside dining area and outdoor rooftop dining space. 

Deep foundation aggregate and concrete auger castings are under way at this project. These services transfer structural loads through to competent soils or rock when shallow foundations are not feasible due to weak, compressible soils near ground surface. Aggregate piers (also called vibro or vibratory stone columns, vibro-piers, VSCs, or aggregate piers) is a ground improvement technique that constructs dense columns of compacted stone. The columns are installed in groups in soft soil to increase bearing pressure and mitigate settlement under structural footings.