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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

P.J. Hoerr Corporate Jobsite Safety Sign

As a way to emphasize P.J. Hoerr's focus on safety, this corporate safety sign will begin showing up on our jobsites.

Craig Smith – Estimator/BIM Manager

Craig Smith has been in the construction industry for eight years and has been an employee of P.J. Hoerr since 2013. Craig works primarily in the estimating department of P.J. Hoerr. Most of his estimates are for healthcare renovations. He also lends a hand on larger bids, and creates schematic design budgets for pending projects. His estimating responsibilities have included hard bid estimates, budget estimates, developing schedules, writing contracts, and ensuring a smooth hand off to the project manager.

As P.J. Hoerr has embraced technology and the changing industry, Craig has also taken on the role of BIM Manager for P.J. Hoerr. This work involves using 3D computer models for mechanical spatial coordination as well as construction phasing, planning, visualization, and design.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL


AGC Certificate of Management – BIM

Here are some of the recent projects Craig was a part of:

Advocate Bromenn Laboratory, Bloomington, IL BIM Manager for a 12,000 sq ft laboratory build out in a basement shell space at the hospital. BIM was used for above ceiling mechanical spatial coordination. A laser scan was performed of the existing space and a Revit model was created of the existing utilities. The new MEP was then routed around the existing utilities and structure. Conflicts were identified and solved virtually before construction. 2013-2014

OSF GI Steris Relocation, Peoria, IL Estimator for a hard bid sterilization machine relocation project in the active 3rd floor surgical area. This work involved mechanical renovations to accommodate sterilization equipment relocation in an active hospital environment on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and roof level. 2014

Beachler’s Service Center, Peoria, IL Estimator for a design/build new vehicle service center. Craig created 3D models to help the owner visualize the new building as well as work through site logistics. He also helped with schematic budgets and value engineering to ensure the project was within the owner’s budget. 2014

OSF Surgery Expansion, Peoria, IL Estimator for a hard bid surgery room expansion project. This renovation of an existing storage room will create a new pediatric operating room. The project required careful attention to details as the adjacent operating rooms will remain active during construction. A temporary construction corridor which carves through five existing rooms will be constructed to facilitate this project and maintain a sterile operating environment in the adjacent areas. As the project nears completion the corridor will be demolished and the rooms it passed through will be restored to their original condition. 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

Automotive Dealerships Brochure

This brochure was mailed out to local auto dealerships.

In just the last few years, The P.J. Hoerr team has designed and constructed more than a dozen auto dealership projects. These projects range from minor remodeling and redecorating work to complete new dealerships constructed from the ground up.

Whether your goal is to update a certain aspect of your dealership to improve customer satisfaction or to completely relocate your business to a state-of-the-art facility, the P.J. Hoerr team can help your visions and goals to become reality.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Illinois CancerCare - Peoria, IL

PAST PERFORMANCE - With this new 22,000 sq ft expansion to Illinois CancerCare now fully operational, I thought getting some updated photos of how the space is being used was in order.


Also renovation of the PET/CT Scanning, Blood Draw Lab and
Specialty Clinic spaces in the existing building are under way.



P.J. Hoerr Quarterly Company Overview & Safety Meeting - Washington, IL

On July 22nd P.J. Hoerr/Summit held their quarterly Company overview and Safety Meeting at the Five Points Washington meeting facility. Dinner was catered by Lindy’s Market in Washington. Approximately 130 were in attendance. CEO Bob Hoerr opened the meeting with an overview of the company’s workload. He indicated that over 90% of the current projects either in process or waiting to begin were projects directly negotiated with the client. He further emphasized the role that superior customer service as well as high quality workmanship and a strong safety record played in maintaining that business model. Corporate Safety director Hans Hinrichsen then presented an overview of the company’s safety record to this point in the year. Additionally, Hans outlined the company’s new hand safety program given the recent rise in hand injuries on company jobsites. Hans concluded by handing out superintendent safety awards to those in attendance who had earned them. Bob then presented a closing talk stressing the intangible value of our companies’ human assets. He did this by first pointing out the typical assets listed on the company’s Balance Sheet and then went on to talk about the importance of understanding the intrinsic value of our most important asset…our people.  He used superintendent Les Koehl as an example given Les’s 26 year record of superior performance. Bob then showed clips from seven different newscasts from around the country each in reference to a real life jobsite accident and/or OSHA fine. In each of the clips the contractor was named along with the fines and often with reference to previous infractions on the contractor’s part. Bob closed by stating that one of the most important assets that a company has and one of the greatest contributors to P.J. Hoerr’s 100 year longevity is the intangible yet invaluable asset of reputation…something that has taken 100 years to build and that can be destroyed in a moment through a single act of carelessness or lack of integrity. Bob closed with his signature sendoff… “Be safe out there everyone, thanks for coming and God bless!”

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Caterpillar AC Dining Plaza - Mossville, IL

This 5,500 sq ft Dining Patio is comprised of uniquely designed 5” integrally colored pavement. The patio will also feature (8) fabric sail shade structures, river rock and french drain around the patio. A 6’ ornamental fence will surround the area.

Thanks to Project Manager Blake Kinsman for these photos